From Fashionistable
Borough Market a paradise for food lovers everywhere. The colours and smells are amazing. Little did I know when I set out in the morning I was to meet and photograph one of Japans most famous chefs, described in the New York Times as Japans Empress Of Domesticity - saying "Ms. Kurihara's television cooking shows, housewares stores, cookbooks and food magazines have propelled her to rock-star status in Japan." Earlier in the day Alyson and I had asked Tatsuya Sasahara if we could photograph him not knowing at the time he was with a film crew we had seen earlier (see his story below). Later when we asked him again he turned and said you should photograph Harumi she is a famous chef in Japan. Well when the sea of people parted there was this beautiful, gentle, smiling and fashionable lady who had just finished filming saying yes to letting us photograph her. It was great fun. Everyone was happy and relaxed, wonderfully friendly and chatty. What an honour. I feel truly blessed. Thank you to Harumi and all the crew.