Out and about....flower power Out and about....flower power

From Fashionistable So where do I start with Jin? Love the hairband ( Primark ), love the t-shirt (White Fox - cant find them), love the sho...

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Out and about....a woman of industry Out and about....a woman of industry

From Fashionistable Alena was walking towards me with purpose when we met. She had a great forward energy and I really liked her cape. She i...

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Out and about....red lips Out and about....red lips

From Fashionistable From Fashionistable Mizuko was wandering through Brick Lane when we met. She was just about to go into the antique marke...

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Out and about....high flyier Out and about....high flyier

From Fashionistable Samantha is at college in Herts studying to a air hostess/cabin crew. She loves travel and figures if you can be paid fo...

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Out and about....green light Out and about....green light

From Fashionistable From Fashionistable Alex is a Civil Servant, however his post is not permenent and with the way things are right now is ...

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Out and about....cats eye glasses Out and about....cats eye glasses

From Fashionistable Andrea is a fashion designer. She is originally from the Basque country in Spain. From there she moved to and worked in ...

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Out and about....May's day Out and about....May's day

From Fashionistable May was shopping with her brother when we met. She loves going to Brick Lane and Spitalfields market which is were we me...

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Out and about....stopping traffic Out and about....stopping traffic

From Fashionistable I want everything Mira is wearing. I love this look. Mira runs her own jewelery business on Old Bond Street which is a f...

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Out and about....Horiyoshi the Third Out and about....Horiyoshi the Third

From Fashionistable When I saw Dawn I thought she looked amazing, I loved her Sweater/Cape. When I eventually caught up with her and started...

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Out and about....beautiful Out and about....beautiful

From Fashionistable From Fashionistable Charlene is a London lass but is a beautiful mix of her mothers Chinese and Malaysian background and...

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Out and about....busy, busy, busy Out and about....busy, busy, busy

From Fashionistable Sonia kindly gave me a few moments as she was very busy. Her phone kept ringing while we shot. Originally from Shanghai ...

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Out and about....a mothers love Out and about....a mothers love

From Fashionistable I met Vaiva just as I came off my train on my way home. I passed her but had to go back to get her. Sometimes it is hard...

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Out and about....colourful and fun Out and about....colourful and fun

From Fashionistable From Fashionistable I think that Kay's lovely smile says a lot about her it is great. Style wise she told me that he...

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Out and about....time for tea Out and about....time for tea

From Fashionistable Mika is from Tokyo and was in Cambridge studying management for 1 month when we met. She told me she thought Cambridge w...

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Out and about....with the Princess Out and about....with the Princess

From Fashionistable Originally from Poland Marta has lived in London for the past 5 years. She makes and sells her own costume jewelery. She...

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Out and about....with love Out and about....with love

From Fashionistable On my travels I meet people from all over the world and often there is a language difference, which is always surmountab...

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Out and about.... Out and about....

From Fashionistable Sara was born in Australia to an English mum and an Italian dad. She loves music but also loves her tattoos. When Sara w...

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Out and about....Swedish cool Out and about....Swedish cool

From Fashionistable David and Jenny, very English names for this Swedish couple. They have been living in the UK for 6 months now. David wor...

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Out and about....pastures new Out and about....pastures new

From Fashionistable Amelia is from Leeds and has just arrived in London. In a moment of spontaneity she decided to drop out of Uni and just ...

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