From Fashionistable
May was shopping with her brother when we met. She loves going to Brick Lane and Spitalfields market which is were we met. It was chilly but the sun was shining. A great excuse to wear lovely over the knee socks with shorts. How many more days will you get away with that before Spring? Aren't the ribbons in her shoes wonderful. May is a Londoner and is studying for her GCSE's. She told me she will go on to do her A'levels. She loves drama but is not sure of her direction yet. There is still time. I really feel for children and young people at the moment. They are being hit really hard. No child benefit. No new schools. Pay for ever for your university education. I am amazed they are not up in arms. I remember going on strike in school because they took too long to fix the heating and we had, had enough. Come on students time to hear your voices, where are you? OK that is my rally cry over. For style May looks to Alexa Chung who she see's as effortlessly cool. Also Vogue for inspiration. I agree on both counts. Can you believe it she used to play Rugby. I did Kung Fu for a short while but gave it up because it hurt too much. Wonder if she gave up Rugby for the same reason? Her shirt used to be her brothers, the sweater her mums. Some great wardrobe mixing here. Shorts and socks are Primark. Her shoes are from a stall on Portobello Rd and her bag was from Columbia Rd. Her story gives us a great tour of a lot of the wonderful markets in London.