From Fashionistable
I met Vaiva just as I came off my train on my way home. I passed her but had to go back to get her. Sometimes it is hard to believe your gifts are right on your doorstep.
She was waiting for her husband and they were going house hunting in the area. She told me the miracle of her daughter who is now 5. She is an IVF child. Like so many children of our age. Our little miracle children I see them as. Longed for, for so long. A wonderful blessing if you are lucky enough to have them come along. Vaiva was so grateful her's did she is still emotional about her 12 year journey with IVF. So, she told me everything they do now is for her daughters advantage. Vaiva works as a managers assistant in the Mandarin in London. Which is one of our best hotels here. I so love her boots I really want a pair. She said they were by John Baker but I cant find him or them. Her jacket is from Patrizia Pepe, shirt Escada, jeans she couldn't remember and her bag was bought in Lithuania which is were she is originally from.