From Fashionistable
On my travels I meet people from all over the world and often there is a language difference, which is always surmountable, although Carola is from Norway it wasn’t the spoken language this time we were negotiating with, it was my inability to sign, as Carola is deaf. During my interviews I usually ask my subjects to tell me something surprising about themselves – however I found that everything about Carola was surprising, but out of habit I asked her the question anyway and she told me she was an agent of love. Carola works in the circus. When I asked what she did in the circus she told me many different things, like aerials, clowning and contortion. For style inspiration she looks to life. Her sweater is from Aredabrit (cant find a link) and was a present from her boyfriend. The studded cuff is from a little shop in Oslo, her glasses are vintage and her Nike are from a collaboration with Wood Wood. You can learn more about Carola at When we had finished Carola gave me a wonderful big hug. She truly is an agent of love.