From Fashionistable
I love this blogging - I love all the people I meet and the fact you never know who you are going to meet next. I just know who ever it is will be someone I think has something special about them. They are all great because they have felt brave enough to say yes. Today it was Bonita who has managed to do so much so far. She has been a ballet dancer for the National. A stylist to the stars and of stage, screen and Pop. She styled Take That first time round. She has been a costume designer on big productions and dance shows and is now interior designing while still advising new up and coming bands. She is just back from a 2 month road trip with her husband of the west coast of Canada and America, and is now looking forward to taking up a ballet class. A woman who follows her heart. Today she was wearing Chanel glasses a Zara dress, bag by McCartney and necklace from an antique store.