Same location 2 very different guys.

From Fashionistable
Lyden is beautiful but he must have been freezing, no coat, gloves or hat. Brrrrr.
But then we all know fashion knows no pain. That's why all us girls totter around in high heels all day.
Lyden is English and has been modeling with Storm for 3 years now. He is just back from Japan and is off next week to Milan. He had just finished shopping in All Saints when I was lucky enough to spot him. His scarf is from Wego in Japan. His 2 crucifixes, the white one is from Blue Inc and the black one is from Topman as are his shirt and jeans. His boots he said he would like to say were All Saints but confessed were River Island. Finally the bag, which looks great, he said he bought for £3 in a charity shop in Edinburgh - well spotted.

From Fashionistable
Now Tony on the other hand was dressed nice and warmly for the storm that looked like it was beginning to roll in. He originally came from Cardiff but he didn't sound it. Probably because his parents were from Greece so his first spoken language was Greek. Tony is a Podiatrist in Sloane Square. I liked his lovely camel Jaeger overcoat. His suit and tie are from Reiss and his gloves are from Boss.