From Fashionistable
Let me describe the scene. This was a blisteringly hot day. It was 1.30 in the afternoon in the Tuileries (in Paris) and even though everyone was turning up for the Viktor and Rolf show I had to leave as I thought I was dying. It was about 30 degrees and the sun was beating down. Now I love the sun and the heat BUT the surface on the ground of the Tuileries is white so what was coming down was also bouncing back up. I just couldn't function. I believe, if something doesn't feel right and you move something special will come your way and that day was no exception. As I made my out of the park and down one of the shaded side avenues I came across this scene. I took quite a few shots before I caught Akari attention. I had seen her walking Theo and he just stopped and sat down and quite simply refused to move. So she started to text while he had a rest. The whole time however he sat and looked straight at me while I took pictures. I wanted her to look too which is why eventually I shouted hello. She was surprised but let me take a few frames. Akari is a stylist. Her dress and shoes are Balenciaga, her glasses are Immanuel Khan and her bag is Aha.