From Fashionistable
Pelayo graduated from St Martins earlier this year after studying Fashion Design and Marketing. Whilst at Uni he interned for McQueen and Giles. He is now living back in Spain. Originally from Oviedo he is now in Madrid and working for Davidelfin (check out the link his work is amazing his new collection for Spring/Summer has me dreaming if warmer climes). Pelayo is also the author of the blog Kate Loves Me. He and Davidelfin were in London for a few days over the holidays. Pelayo's style influences are Art, the Movies and James Dean. When I asked what his surprise was he couldn't think of anything but his friends said he has amazing handwriting and is a good painter. His favourite place in London is Columbia Road and his favourite building is a yellow tower next to the Tate. He said he has always wanted to live there. Talking of yellow it was this amazing yellow sweater that caught my eye. The sweater, belt and trousers are all by Davidelfin. His wrist cuff is Hermes, boots are DM's and bag is Chanel.