From Fashionistable
I am still on holiday and have another week to go. Lucky for me I know. I bought a new camera before I came away and you know the old adage be careful what you wish for. Don't get me wrong it is lovely but it is so complicated my mind is exploding trying to understand it so it work best for me. I would love someone with knowledge to explain it to me. I am searching. The camera is the new Canon1DX if anyone knows a Canon genius.

For now this is my 1st image for you with the new camera. I had just sat down with the family for dinner when these 4 lovely ladies walked past. Luckily I was sitting on the outside seat. Well actually I usually am so I can get up quickly if I need too.
All the girls are from the Soviet Union but have lived on the Med for the past 6 years. From left to right ILolantha Shawartz is an Interior Designer, Ekaterina Bondar is a Biologist, Victoria Stern works in Advertising Management for a magazine and Elena Ralph is a Jewelery Designer.