From Fashionistable
OK so it is Spring and I forgot all about April showers (I know, I know April a few days away yet but you know what I mean,) and the forecast is for rain all week and for some of us snow again. Now I know you all think the people of Great Britian and Ireland are obsessed with the weather - we are. It changes so rapidly and frustratingly I cannot tell you how many times we have overcast days and clear skies at night - for me as a photographer makes life more challenging. Anyway still not time to put our winter coats away just yet. Donna has just moved here from NYC with her husband who is a Londoner and their 3 young children who are 4, 2 and 11 months. She was in rush to the doctors when I met her - there is not much free time when you brood is so young. So I really appreaciated her giving me 5 minutes of her valuable time. I just loved her Anthropologie coat. As you all know I am a sucker for a nice check. And isnt it great how her Kangol hat and vintage boots compliment each other. Her over shoulder bag was Prada and the one in her hand is Longchamp.