From Fashionistable
Another bowler hat for you all. And hooray a beautiful blue sky that perfectly compliments the colours Tonea has decided to wear. Tonea is at Uni studying retail management and marketing. She has also been working for All Saints for the last 3 months and thinks it is cool. When I met Tonea, like a true student she was on her way to her dad's to do her laundry. However, it is traveling in style in her brown Longchamp bag. Tonea's bowler is from Urban Outfitters. The rest of her look is made up with jacket and jeans from Zara, top and scarf H&M, her pumps are Keds and finally her blue bag is from Abercrombie and Fitch. I asked her what she perfers - heels of flats? Flats win the day for Tonea.