From Fashionistable
Sometimes when I am out and my energy flags it becomes harder to ask people if I can photograph them. And sometimes I am wearing heels and I have hesitated (even just for a moment ) and then they are moving too fast for me to catch.....anyway I had all of this happening when I passed Sasha, and even though her green coat had caught my attention I just let her go. I hadnt gone much further and was standing looking in a jewellery shop at a lovely aqua blue display collecting my thoughts. Suddenly Sasha was standing beside me. She had come back to me and asked me to take her picture. I was totally amazed and of course said yes. She then started leading me back to a place I had just passed and had been thinking it would be a good place to take pictures in. As if that wasnt enough she then she told me that God had told her to ask me to take her picture and to give me a message. The message was that I have a gift and that I should use it and not hide it, that it is sin to hide it. She would not tell me anything about herself and would only give me her name. It was only important for her that I get the message. And a very powerful message it is. I was astounded (still am) and when we parted I had to go and sit down.