From Fashionistable
Although I did not blog while I was on holiday I still took pictures and heard peoples stories so I could share at least part of my holiday with you now. On my last trip to Israel a year and a half ago I found myself disappointed with the fashion I was seeing. I had been hoping that maybe it was because it was the winter and I can happily report that I was right. I have some lovely images to share with you from this trip. Starting with Hila, here in the lovely evening light. Hila is the manager of Topshop in a mall in a town just outside Tel Aviv called Kefar Sava. She has worked there for 7 months and likes it very much. Her style inspirations are the Haute Couture shows and Tokyo Lolita. She likes to travel and her favourite places are Asia and Spain. Surprisingly she said she can have dark thoughts, but you would never know from the outside. Her glasses are vintage from a market in Tel Aviv, top is Topshop, skirt from Missy and shoes (which I love) are from Renuar.