From Fashionistable
Amazingly I met Kieu, Tony and Tomato (their dog) 2 minutes after I had left my apartment. This is the 1st time I have literally walked out of the door and found someone cool to photograph. In fact as I write this I have just noticed that the door to the apartment can be even seen in the shot. Kieu has lived in Amsterdam for 15 years now and Tony for 10 and they have had Tomato in their lives for 3 years now. Kieu is a fashion designer. Tony told me he is a product designer - what he didn't tell me was that he was Men’s Design Director at Nike for 9 years working on the White Label or that he had worked for Maharishi before that - what he did tell me was that his work could be seen at The Non. His site is amazing and his fashion collections are astonishing I am in awe as I write this. It was so unexpected. You must go see his work - here.
So back to my interview......Tony describes his style as a quirky, not of a particular time period, but a mish mash of time periods, a melting pot of quirkiness. Kieu told me she is normally more delicate than she is dressed today, her style is usually self made clothing combined with quirky new brands and high street. Her surprise for us was that she knits a lot. Tony's was that he collects taxidermy animals.
Kieu's favourite place i Amsterdam is Jordaan and Tony's is Spui for sitting and observing.
Kieu is wearing a coat from H&M, Falke tights and DM's. Tony is wearing a Norse Project hat, a Mackintosh coat, his own design trousers and shoes by Rumours