From Fashionistable
Anouk was full of surprise's both before I asked her for a surprise and after. When I first asked what she did she said she was a housewife, then further into the interview she told me she was actually on a 3 month sabbatical. Anouk owns an ad agency called Task Force with her husband and they do the advertising for C&A. Then when I asked for her surprise (as if going from housewife to ad agency owner wasn't surprising enough) she told me she is in a band and sings backing vocals with her sister. She has also started designing her own scarfs. I love multi-talented people. 3 amazing strings to her bow. Her style influence is urban, from the streets. Anouk is wearing a coat from Giel and Liem, she had just had her hair styled by Louis on the Vijzelstraat, she bought her bag in Ibiza, she couldn't remember where anything else was from saying when I see I buy.