From Fashionistable
Emilie is originally from Switzerland and has been living in Amsterdam for 3 months. She is an Opera singer and sings soprano and told me that she has been traveling between Amsterdam and Paris where she works with a french group of musicians. She also said "I write my own shows...with French songs". You can read more about her work on her website here. She said her style influence is very mixed. "I like to improvise and go with my emotions. When I see something that that I like, I'll try it and buy it if it suits me. I like black very much, but more and more I wear colors. Gipsy-Hippie style was very much my style as I was teenager; now it is more flexible. Now I like to change and to follow my mood of the day." Her favourite place in Amsterdam to eat is Akitsu, a fantastic Japanese restaurant where she says her boyfriend takes her regularly. She also likes the Nordermarket on a Saturday morning... "looking at the mushrooms stand and have a coffee and applepie at the corner". Her surprise is that her tongue was bitten by a turtle when she was a child (her first kiss). Emilie bought her coat, scarf and shorts in Paris. Her bag is Longchamp, bike is Batavus and her gloves and shoes are vintage. 

On another note David over at Nyanzi Report named me as the next person he would like Flingly to interview in his interview. You can read my interview here.