From Fashionistable
When Simona (Andrejic) and I met she had just finished working the runway for Nicole Farhi. She is a model with Elite and was waiting for her driver to whisk her off to the next show. She was very gracious and happy to chat. Her own style is based on her changing feelings and ranges from Rock to Classic. Her mum makes most of her clothes for her and she loves to wear her designs. The coat Simona is wearing was made by her mum. Then she likes to add hats and scarfs to add glamour to make a really beautiful look. Her surprising revelation is that she was at one time ranked 3rd in Serbia for Fencing. We spoke about the grace and beauty of the sport, she told me she had always done ballet as well and it mixes very well with the fencing. Now she is able to combine the grace and poise both disciplines have given her to her modeling.