From Fashionistable
Sophie is part of a graduate scheme in an Ad agency. I asked her had she ever been approached by a model agency as I was surprised she wasn't modeling. She told me she had been scouted twice. Once when she was 14 and her mum said she was too young. Then again after Uni. This time the agencies said she was too old!!!!! Style wise, her influence used to be charity shops. Then she moved and lived in Paris for a while where it became Parisian woman. Now it is a mixture of both. Surprisingly she likes to knit and taught herself on You Tube. She told me you can learn anything on You Tube, just type in 'how to' try it, she is right. I love people who for them the grass is greenest right under their feet. This is how it is for Sophie. Her favourite place is the place she grew in, at home in the countryside in West Sussex where "the garden borders the South Downs and has wonderful hilly views."  Sounds beautiful.
Today her shirt is from French Connection, the top underneath is from COS (she told me COS is her obsession - it's her favourite shop). Sophie is very tall and has amazingly long legs, this can however pose a problem getting trousers long enough and slim enough to fit. For all you tall women these jeans are from J Brand and finally her ballet pumps are from Topshop.

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