From Fashionistable
I have been to Israel many times now, but this is the first time as Fashionistable. It was cold this trip and rained a couple of days so not the usual sunshine I am used to.
Now I dont know what was going on with the people, maybe it was just because it was winter and the middle of the week, but where I find an average of 1 person an hour to shoot in London it was taking me 3 hours to find one in Tel Aviv. I was seeing plenty of lovely faces but the fashion was just not matching up.
I had decided to stop for a hot chocolate and a cake and thank goodness Adam was standing behind the counter. Adam is Colombian and is getting ready to apply to the Bezalel art school in Jerusalem. He is a surrealist painter. I wish him every success. Everything he is wearing is from Colombia except for the vest which he had just bought from a shop called 11 Paris on Sheinkin St, which is the same street he is on working for now.