From Fashionistable
Edward is stylish, elegant and gracious. When I first walked passed him he gave me a great big smile. I dont know why I didnt ask him there and then if I could take his picture but I didnt. Maybe it was because I had other people to photograph first and I knew on some other level he wasnt rushing off somewhere else. Anyway my journey brought me back in his direction and I found myself hoping he was still sitting in the same place. And you know what? He was and he smiled again, so that was it I had to ask. When I had taken his picture and asked if I could ask him a few questions he invited me to sit down and offered me a glass of champagne. See what I mean, stylish, elegant and gracious. Edward owns Davidoff of London, which sells fine cigars from all over the world, and is situated on the corner of Jermyn Street and St James Street (No. 35). He described Jermyn street as a village for gentlemen. I would agree. It is a great shopping area in London aimed mainly for men. His own style is comprised of suit and tie by Faconnable (designer Albert Goldberg). Shoes by Crockett and Jones. He told me he opened his shop 30 years ago this month. So it is a big birthday month for Davidoff London. He said that his job is his hobby, that it is a joy and a pleasure. I think you can see this in his face. He is definatley a man who is happy in his own skin. When I was talking to him and even now I find myself thinking about Paulo Coelho. I dont know why. Maybe he reminds me of one of his hero's who have realised their true path. I asked Edward where the name Davidoff came from as his family name is Sahakian, what inspired the name. The original owner was called Zino Davidoff who was Jewish and had to flee from Russia when he was 6 with his parents in 1905 to Geneva where they set up as tobacconists. He told me that in those days cigarettes were rolled by hand. As a young man Zino went off travelling to S.America and Cuba where he discovered cigars. When he returned home he brought some with him and told his parents they were going to sell these instead. And the rest as they say is history.