From Fashionistable
I am going to talk a bit about socks and heels before I tell you about Keyze. So now it is warmer and I am wearing slightly cropped trousers I have been venturing out in my heels without socks and Ohhhhh my poor feet - not only are they covered in blisters they are now covered in Compeed plasters. Why do my comfy heels turn into instruments of torture when I wear them without socks or tights? So today I am in longer trousers, socks and flats until my poor toes heal. This leads nicely to Keyze who has conquered this problem with her cool Tabio socks teamed with her heels which she bought in Brazil. I am not sure I could wear this so well though. I must try and see.
Keyze is a graphic designer and amazingly like Emi yesterday is from Brazil. It is facinating when things flow like this. So Kayze is my second creative Brazilian this week. She works freelance and says 'so far so good'.
For style she looks to Oiliva Palermo, Alexa Chung, vintage and high fashion for inspiration. For artistic inspiration she looks to mid century 1930's design and architecture. Today her look is comprised of Ralph Lauren sunglasses. Beyond Retro jacket, dress from Uniqlo,  but bought in Japan. (I swear I met Keyze and Emi at totally different times and places - serindipity.) Her belt is from Marc Jacobs, the brooch/pin on her coat was made by her boyfriend have a look as his work here. Her 2 bags are Longchamp and Burberry.