From Fashionistable
I met Laura just outside the new Topshop in Knightsbridge. It is back in exactly the same site it used to be in a few years ago. She just looked so lovely in her yellow Juicy Couture dress in the sunshine. Also those shoes. I should have brought you a close up, are by Dior (they have little Ds in the center of the bow). Laura was a buyer for Topshop for 3 years she then went off to work for Elizabeth Emanuel. She described Elizabeth as being very influential to her and as one of the most creative people she knows. Laura has just set up her own online store called my987wardrobe where every item is £9.87. Cool eh. She said the company ethos is to reach out to the 15 to 25 year old market to bring them affordable garments of good quality. It is a project she feels passionate about and one her Dad has been urging her to put into practice. So they have combined their strengths and opened on Friday. Check out the site and watch it grow here.