From Fashionistable
I was just thinking I havent photographer a redhead in a while and amazingly along came Hayley. She was in a rush but kindly gave me some of her time. When I met her she was looking for a taxi. When we had finished shooting and I had done a quick interview she was lucky as one pulled up just opposite us. One good deed was rewarded by serendipity. Hayley is Australian and like all good Australians is always on the move. She spends her time in 3 different countries Australia, England and Monaco. She said she is always having wardrobe problems as her clothes are all split up and never in the right place when she needs them. Hayley is a jewelery designer, her and her partner are still working on their website but they are called Lyon ans Sharpe. Inspiration for her work comes from everywhere. The most recent pieces though have been influenced by the sea, lion fish and seahorses. Her own style inspiration is eclectic. For our shot the dress is Australian, belt I love but was writing too quickly and cant read what I wrote. I really have to slow the writing down. Other accessories are, glasses by Boucheron, Louis Vuitton bag and Top End shoes.