From Fashionistable
Philippa had just arrived in the London the night before, from Sydney when I met her. The sun was shining but she was chilly. The word summer had lulled her into a false sense of security. It was more like an Australian spring day for her. She had just bought the scarf from Topshop to help warm herself up. It is however just a short stay in London and then off to the south of France for 6 weeks where it really is warm. Lucky her. I could do with a trip somewhere warm for 6 weeks. Philippa used to be in advertising where she worked on some beauty accounts. Then when she had the opportunity she decided to move into the beauty market herself and now owns her own cosmetic and lazer clinic's called Skin Exquisite. Her style inspiration today is warmth, smart casual. I asked her to tell me something surprising about herself and she said she had always wanted to be an astronaut. Also she likes violent films, she doesn't know why.
The rest of Philippa's look today is put together with Tiffany sunglasses, Lee denim jacket, DK dress, Italian shoes and Balenciaga bag.