From Fashionistable
Vanessa was on her way to meet a friend to watch 'Sex in the City'. Although she is not a great fan she was happy to go with her friend and is looking pretty sharp for her evening out. Vanessa is an agency secretary and works near Liverpool St. This is allowing her to pay back her student loan and have some luxuries in life. Her love in life is property and architecture, she studied interior design at Uni. The next step for her will be into this world. Vanessa told me that she takes her style inspiration from Zara and Topshop. She will go there at the start of the season and then head off elsewhere to put her favourite looks together to suit her budget. Her look today is put together with amazing shoes from Matalan, trousers from New Look, and vest top from Select. Her bag is from Primark. Jewellery wise her ultra long necklace is from Topshop and her bracelets are from various different shops. Looking pretty cool on her budget I'd say.