From Fashionistable
As luck would have it just as I spotted Elisa she started to cross the street towards me. While I was photographing her I was thinking I am sure I know you, same when I was interviewing her. It was only when I got home did I fully realise why.... Elisa is from Verona but lives in Paris where she works as a styist. You can see her work here. She was in London for only a few days this time, she told me she likes to get lost when she is here. Her surprising story was that she does not know how to drive. When I asked her if she would she like to learn she said "oh but I have passed my test, it is just the way I drive it is better I stay off the roads". I love this colour pallette she is wearing, the peach shirt is vintage from her mum,  her yellow sweater was bought on a visit to St Michael, the royal blue trousers are Dries Van Noten, the purple scarf is Le Petities. Her shoes are Prairies de Paris. I love her coat too but sorry cant read my scribble - Maybe I should get myself a dictaphone for my interviews......what do you think?
PS. Thank you to an Anon comment I can bring you the designer of the trench, who is Lahsson. If you click the link you can see Elisa wearing it there too.