From Fashionistable
In keeping with the colourful weekend we have just had here in the UK, I thought I would start my week in a colourful way too. Leeann is a stylist, she had her arms full of clothes when we met (we hung them up just out of shot). She was preping for a shoot for the 1st issue of a new magazine called Hunk (for women). Leeann told me she is a complete feminist. I think it is sad how in the past few years this word has been given negative press - the dictionary meaning reads "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men". Now ladies what can be so bad in that? Leeann went on to tell me that she has even had coke cans thrown at her in the studio when she has stuck up for herself. I find that more shocking than the fact she is a feminist. There is a rise in the numbers of young women being physically abused by their partners, is this a result of the turn away from feminism and the weakening of the fairer sex? Ooops I didnt mean to get quite so deep into this. How do you feel about this subject? Her dress is a one off piece, the boots are a Japanese brand called KTZ and her scarf and rings are vintage.
P.S she also has a blog you can check it out here.