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I was given the wonderful opportunity to photograph and interview the very lovely Jasper Garvida, in the run up to LFW. This year Jasper will be showing his Spring/Summer 2012 collection at his own private show, in the Bloomsbury Hotel on the 19th of September at 5pm.

Fashionistable: What inspires your work?
Jasper: The first thing I think about is the female form. At college I was more creative, for creative sake. Working in the fashion industry has taught me more about women, so I now bring all my creativity to the female form. My inspiration for my Spring/Summer 2012 collection is the painting by Frantisek Kupka, called Autour d'un Point.

F: As your job doesn't fit into a 9 to 5 schedule, how do you structure your day?
J: I try to keep balance in my life which can be very difficult. 5 hours sleep is a must. I get up at 6am and am in bed by 12.30am. I destress by cooking, as my partner and I don't get to spend much quality time together so this is am important part of the day. I love and am very passionate about my work, which I am very thankful for so whatever comes my way I will take it. I am working towards a goal and I am lucky to have a very understanding partner. Maybe one day I will have more time.

F: Which part of the creative process do you enjoy most and which you you dread?
J: I enjoy working on every step of the creative process from concept, to illustration, designing, sewing, creating the show and the photography. Also when I create a bespoke piece and the person tries the finished piece on for the first time, this is a good moment.
Making the right decision at the right time and doing it fast is what I dread the most. Also presenting the collection, after 4 to 6 months of concentrated work the tension of the unveiling can be a very difficult time.
F: It that because of any criticism that may come?
J: No, no criticism is part of it, I am open to it, open to improvement it can only make me a better person.

F: Do you have any tricks to get over designers block?
J: Yes, to quite simply to stop thinking and just do. Let my hands do the work. Then go back and see. This is the good thing about being creative, good things come out of mistakes, letting go and looking in a different direction.

F: Do you have any rituals when you are putting  your collection together?
J: I tend to lock myself away for a week when I where I immerse myself in the subject. I look at magazines, movies, I feel it. I can look at a blank piece of paper for days, then it starts.
On the day I show the collection I get up at 6 am and sit still and visualise the day. Everything. That way when the show is in full swing I am calm as I have seen it already. The team needs me to be calm. There are no superstitions the visualisation gets me calm and sorted.

F: Is music an important part of your working day? What are you listening to at the moment? (Jasper smiled when I asked this question....his partner works with music.)
J: I am listening to Lady GaGa The Edge of Glory. Music to me is quite significant. It is like being on the edge of a cliff about to skydive. It is the decision weather to take the leap or not. Every day I feel like I am on the edge of something amazing.

F: Where is your favourite place/city?
J: I have been in London 10 years now. My partner and dog (a King Charles) are here. London embraced me and my fashion. I found myself in London, I fell in love in London. In the words of Samuel Johnson "If you are tired of London you're tired of life".

F: Who inspires you?
J: Although I was brought in the Catholic religion, I am not a good Catholic. I do however believe in the power of prayer. I am aware I have been given something special and am thankful for it. I don't like to preach about the bible but do live by rules set out there, like the commandment  to treat others as you would like to be treated. Not to waste the gifts you have been given. To know you can make a difference. To do good. To face your responsibilities and the knowledge that I am here for a reason.
In a fashion sense I look up to Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow I wish I had that talent and wish one day to have it. It must be balanced at the same time though as I have to be realistic about paying my staff.

F: If you weren't doing this, what job could you see yourself having?
J: There is nothing else I would do. Growing up my parents wanted me to be a doctor. All my other siblings (of which there are 5) are all academics. 2 lawyers, 2 in the medical profession and 1 professor. I did try but am just not good in chemistry or math. I only told my parents about the direction I wanted to take when my course interview came through as I needed them to send me to London. I had to follow my my dreams. I have never seen my parents so happy as I have seen them in the past few years - my fear of not being myself has gone too.

F: If you had the chance to do it all again what advice would you give to a younger you?
J: Be Brave.
   Be Strong.
   Love yourself more and everything will be alright.
I would like to thank Jasper for giving us an insight into the emotional journey behind the beauty of his work. I am certainly looking forward to September the 19th. More to follow then.

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