From Fashionistable
The girl was not for stopping so I can't tell you what she was wearing. As you can see from her ticket she was on her way to the Marni show which was held in a lovely sun trapped courtyard full of beautiful morning light.

I had never been to Milan before and was thrown in at the deep end. The 1st day there I spent mostly walking from show to show. Not easy I can tell you as they are not always close together. 2nd day I managed to get a couple of press buses. Not ideal either as at times they leave a bit to early to catch people as they leave the shows or not early enough to reach the next show in time....hey. Public transport or taxis I hear you cry, well the trams are lovely but not extensive and the Metro also has little coverage. Taxis, you cant flag down a taxi you have to call (language barrier) them or find a hotel to call one for you. And when you do get a taxi oh boy they are expensive, makes London cabs look positively cheap. It was a great experience all the same though. And to be shooting for Vogue was just so amazing.

You can view my Vogue shots here. There are 24 up there now. More to follow.