From Fashionistable
Amber has just finished her degree in anthropology at the London school of Economics and is now heading off traveling for the next year. Amber is not very tall and she was joking that her rucksack is almost the same height as her. Her travels are going to take her to SE Asia, India, Australia and Africa. When I asked about style influence Amber said "Well you can't tell by what I am wearing today but I love vintage fashion and it's what I usually wear. Oh and floral prints too." She has a lovely tattoo on her back I was trying to show you, you can just see the ink, but hey her face was even prettier so something had to give. As you know one of my questions is tell me something surprising about yourself. Today I had the most surprising answer Amber smiled and said "The one thing that usually surprises people about me is that my dad is mixed race and my grandad is black." She definitely got me there. Bet I am not the only one. Are there any questions you guys would like me to put to the people I meet?
Amber's dress is from Oasis, you can't see her shoe's in this shot but they were Kurt Geiger and her purse she bought in Denmark.