From Fashionistable
I am going to start with the most surprising things about Manuela. The biggest most surprising thing is that she is 35 I nearly fell over when she told me. When I told Mr Fashionistable he said we need some of the same genes as her. Now I dont normally ask peoples ages as I feel it is irrelevant when it comes to style. When I saw Manuela she was in a busy shopping street in Amsterdam and when I asked if I could take her picture she said yes if we could wait for her daughter. I said of course. Of course. When her daughter came out of the shop with her slice of pizza I was surprised on 2 levels one that she was older than I thought she would be (she is 9) and was beautiful like her mother but looked totally different. She was much lighter in colour and had the most striking blue eyes. I had to ask how was this possible and Manuela told me that she looks just like her (Manuela's) mum. Manuela is Dutch and designs accessories and jewelery. Her style inspiration is mostly vintage. For this shot Manuela's hat is a Stetson, Her jacket and top are H&M, her gold belt used to belong to her mum when she was young. The shorts are from Zara and her shoes are Italian. Then the bag she is wearing is vintage and the pink bag in the basket on the front of her bike is Longchamp.