From Fashionistable
I sometimes I pass people and it is just the energy around them that draws me to them. When I saw Naomi I only had the briefest of a glimpse of her and immediately asked her if I could take her picture. I love headphones so a combination that and the energy coming from her and it had to be. Turns out Naomi is an actress - see more info here. She has been acting for the past 15 years but is on a break at the moment because of a few bereavements in the family. It is good she is allowing herself time to grieve - it takes time to move forward again. I wish her happiness, peace and strength moving forward. She told me her favourite shop is Topshop. She loves their sizing says it is perfect for her. Today she is wearing a top from Zara, skirt from New Look and Haviana flip flops. Her earphones are Sony.
Naomi loves Bikram yoga - it is perfect, non impact and the results are amazing. If she was to give any advice it would be to get down to Bikram.
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