From Fashionistable
I spotted Sonia on the tube and amazingly we got off at the same stop. Sonia had just come from the gym - I so wish I looked this good after a gym session - my face goes so red it looks like I am going to burst and takes hours to go back to normal. Sonia is originally from Wales and after all this time is the 1st Welsh person I have photographed. She is a lawyer (dealing with the music industry) and has been living n London for the last 2 years. Previously Sonia has lived and worked in Japan and loved it. Her favourite shop in all of London is called Season - I can't find it for you sorry - both her dress and jacket are from there. Sonia's shoes are Louboutin, she couldn't remember where her bag was from and her glasses are by Tom Ford. Her favourite designer though for both work and play is Roland Mouret.