From Fashionistable
The title of my post today is to make Ashi smile. We walked off the main road into what we thought was a nice quiet mews. The moment I raised my camera there were boys playing football and lots of guys on scooters passing through. Then other pedestrians. We were amazed jus how busy it was. Anyway in the middle of all this chaos (and the scooter guys stopping in the shot so they could have their picture taken too) we managed to get the shot. Ashi is from London and has just finished a post grad in history of art. In Sept/Oct she will start her MA at Goldsmiths in cultural studies.
Until then she will be heading off to the South of France for a month before the end of the summer. Mmmm lucky thing. I think I need to go away again, but for longer this time maybe. Style wise Ashi is infulenced by the 50's and Audrey Hepburn. When I asked her for something surprising about herself she said if she were to have dinner with anyone past or present it would be Napoleon. "Why" I said. So she told me it was because he was inspirational and conquered the world. Here, she is wearing Fendi sunglasses, dress by All Saints, Louboutin shoes and is carrying a Pauric Sweeney bag.