From Fashionistable
Teresa is an American and loves living in London. She comes from NYC and believes the fashion sensibility in London is absolutely GREAT — fresh, inspired, eclectic, DIY — and prefers it to NYC where she says even the street style seems less imaginative. Teresa wears heels at work “so people think I’m tall and powerful” and these are Kate Spade sling-backs that you can dress-up or down. “My color palette starts with my hair which went gray when I was 18 and seems to be the only thing people ever notice about me. My color palette is dictated by the hair. Poison green, black, white, gray, and anything blue work well -- but taupe and brown and beige simply drain the LIFE out of me.” Today Teresa is wearing a simple black tee and sweater from Joseph with Banana Republic shorts. Although you cannot see them, she told me she is addicted to Bodas string bikinis and bras — and likes them best when they’re "matchy-matchy".