From Fashionistable
When I met Victoria she was in town shopping with 2 of her friends. For me she just stood out.

Now I feel I need to tell you a bit about how I work here. When I am out and about I would say I tend to approach more people who are on their own. It is easier to strike up a conversation that way. If they are on their phone I will usually let them go as I don't like to interrupt - however there are exceptions to this rule. If they are not moving too fast I will follow. If they are walking up and down in the same area I will wait.

However if they stand out from the people around them I will home in on the person I want to photograph. When I do this though I am very aware of the others I have not asked. And always thank them at the end for their patience while I have photographed their friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. On this day I felt even more awkward though. As Victoria's friends stood behind me I could hear them say "what's wrong with us? We made and effort too." Then when I was interviewing Victoria some more friends arrived and her friends said the same to them and they joined in with "how embarrassing". By the time I walked away I felt really bad. So ladies in reply, there was nothing wrong with you at all it's just that for me there was so much right about Victoria and I am sorry if I offended you in any way.

Victoria is from Reading and was in town for the Gina sale - shoe shopping. Wonderful. Style wise she goes for whatever feels comfortable and whatever her husband likes too.
Here she is wearing a top and shorts from French Connection, shoes from LK Bennett and is carrying a Chanel bag.