From Fashionistable
As you know I have been very busy recently. Now I can share with you some of what I have been up to. I was asked by the Ad agency BBH to photograph some of their best dressed ladies for their company meeting. It was brilliant to put this together for them and in my own style too. It has been very exciting for me. This the 1st of 2 Rosie's I photographed. This Rosie is originally from Texas, but started her career in LA and then NYC. She works as a Creative Director and has been in London with BBH for a year and a half, but is off soon to work in Amsterdam. She spends her week in London but for now lives in Paris at the weekend. She told me her style is influenced by her French boyfriend. Surprisingly she also plays the cello.
Here she is wearing a coat by Moncler, leggings from Elliot which she bought in NYC. Her top is by Isabel Marant and her boots are LD Tuttle.