From Fashionistable
For todays post we have the second Rosie I photographed for BBH. Rosie is a Creative Director and has been with the agency since its start up 26 years ago. She was amazed when she thought about it, she has grown up with them. Rosie has been in London since she was 18 when she went to St Martins. When she at art school she said she used to dress in 50's vintage with a touch of New Romantic as it suited her shape. It also allowed her to be creative with what she wore and allowed her individuality. Rosie still has a strong sense of what she likes and what she knows suits her. For example she knows wide leg trousers and loose waistlines are out as she says they make her look fat. Her style choices are not faddy but are fashion conscious. Rosie has a few surprising things. To start with she has 2 teenage sons. To keep fit she likes to fence (I would love to learn to do this too). She is gregarious and fun loving but hates being the center of attention and is genuinely happy walking the dog on the beach.
Here she is wearing a jacket from Chloe, shirt from Zara, trousers from Hennes and very cool boots from Gucci. This is my last post until after the festive period. I wish you all a great time and wonderful 2011. Lots to love to you all an a big thank you for following me in 2010. Xxxxx