From Fashionistable
I am going to continue with my BBH series this week. Here we have Agathe she is originally from Paris, where she lived until she was 17. Then it was on to the USA to Berkley Uni where she studied Political Science. Her journey from there took her back to Paris, to Japan and then on to London. She like living in Japan saying that the people are nice. She also told me she loves Korea. For the past 8 months she has been working for BBH as a strategist. Agathe describes her style influences as schizophrenic. Her mother is an upper class conservative French lady. As a result Agathe grew up with a lot of rules. For a long time her apparel was precise and regimented, saying she spent a lot of time in twin set and pearls. Now, it is very different and even though she has lived away from home and has had her own style for a while her mother still comments about it, wondering at Agathe's "weird attraction to fancy dress". The freedom of dress is another reson she likes the Japanese, she loves their style, saying "they know how to mix it up and make it work". She told me she usually dresses a little more wackily than she has done today. Agathe is interested in fashion but "would never go with what Grazia says, as it is unimaginative". So not mainstream fashion. She loves to pick items and make them her own - but the extent of her craftiness so far is the ability to change buttons. Surprisingly Agathe is a Yoga teacher and would like to consider herself as a Yogi, which she says is completely contradictory to her love of fashion. She spent 6 months in India for her teacher training and only had 2 outfits with her for the whole time she was there. She says when she got back to London it was "woo hoo Topshop" - I see what she means. Here her earmuffs are from The Village Scandal in NYC. Tights are Topshop. She bought the skirt in Seoul but cant remember the name of the store and her jumper is from Jack Wills.