From Fashionistable
Arabella told me she was always in heels. Rob backed her up and said he had never seen her in anything other than heels. They look great together even though their style influences are quite different. Rob describes himself as a "big, big 90's hip hop fan even for a skinny white boy". It is all about sneaker culture for him. For Arabella it is the 1960s print and pop. She likes to follow street style blogs and also the enigmatic Anna Dello Russo who is a favourite. When dressing, where she can she likes to mix high and low end together. Rob is at Uni studying History of Art. His favourite period being the 17th Century. Arabella works in event production. I should have asked them how they met. Surprisingly Rob is fluent in Hungarian as he lived there for 5 years "not the most useful language to be fluent in the world." (Some great photographers came out of Hungary though, Robert Cappa for example.) Arabella's Mum writes knitting books so as a result she knows how to knit very well. Here Arabella is wearing a hat knit by herself, an Oasis coat, her sweater and boots from Zara, Unique skirt from Topshop and a Hennes bag. Rob is sporting a New Era cap, his sneakers are Air Jordon 1s "it is always Nike for sneakers. I am a one brand man". His shirt is Uniqlo, sweater from an American vintage website, Levi jeans and Adidas jacket.