From Fashionistable
Look at the light in this shot. Their faces are being lit by a reflection from a window in a building behind me. Otherwise just look at Gordon and Envy they are so beautifully turned out. Most of you know by now that I really admire people who can put a vintage look together well. Gordon and Envy have certainly done that, I am sure you will agree. Gordon is also a photographer. He shoots studio portraits in the style of the original Hollywood movie stars, when glamour meant beautiful and wasn't the dirty word it is associated with now in photography. He also draws inspiration from portraits taken of soldiers before they went off to war and the wedding photography of the same era. You can see his work here. Envy is a hair and make-up artist (mostly make-up though). She will also give vintage styling tips if you are going to an event. She can recreate make-up looks for you from the 1920's to 80's. Her own personal style inspiration is taken from the 20's, 30's, 40's and early 50's, with her favourite being the 1940's and with 1947 being a great year. Gordon also draws his inspiration from the same era's, "anything pre 1960". He loves early aviation and as you can see aviator wear from the 30's. He has fond memories as a child of having the experience of flying in a couple of planes from the 1930's. They both like to dance and regularly attend vintage parties in Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. Envy doesn't go into shops instead buys her clothes from trusted private sellers. Her coat is from America and her dress is a 1951 Grace Kelly.