From Fashionistable
Tom and Teri-Jayne met at Bestival at the end of last summer. Tom is at Uni in Sheffield and Teri-Jayne is about to move up there to be near him. She finished her degree in fashion in the summer. Tom is studying English and film studies. Teri-Jayne has been working for Vivienne Westwood. All the girls I have photographed who work for her are very colourful see here and here (look for Lisa Reynolds). I asked them where their favourite place in London was. Tom said Mile End which is were Teri-Jayne lives (for now) and Teri-Jayne said Sketch which is were she went for her birthday recently. When I met them they had just been buying some lomography film and were going off to visit the Museum of Everything in Primrose Hill. Their surprises were that Tom has a grade A in drumming and Teri-Jayne is really into dinosaurs. Tom's coat is from Beyond Retro, his shirt is from a charity shop, tie is made from some ribbon from a haberdashery dept. His jeans are from Gap, shoes are his dad's and the socks are from M&S. The bag is actually Teri-Jayne's and is from Spain. Teri-Jayne is wearing a coat from a charity shop, collar, scarf, cardy and playsuit from Beyond Retro and her shoes are from Underground.