From Fashionistable
Fleur is a Strategy Director at BBH and has been with them for 2 and a half years now. Originally from Surrey she went to Manchester for Uni (which is were I went too) and studied English Lit. We spoke about literature for a while and she told me her favourite play is Hamlet and that she likes to see it as often as possible. The last version she saw was the one with Jude Law in it. Style wise it is not how she is influenced, it is more about how she chooses to dress. Firstly it is a really good pair of jeans usually bought in NYC. Then its coats  she says "I buy a lot of coats". Her favourite label when she can afford it is Rag and Bone. Fleur's surprise is that she is a published poet. Here she is wearing jeans by Acne, overcoat from her favourite Rag and Bone, COS shirt, Reiss hat, Alexander McQueen scarf and Clarks Originals desert boots.