From Fashionistable
Yousef is from Kuwait and is the fashion editor for the online magazine Thouq. He was in London for 10 days, for inspiration and to find lots of different looks. He told me that from his perspective each of the big European cities have their own unique look and feel. Paris is black, Milan is colour and London is a combination of both and is also funky. His own style is either casual or extreme depending on his mood. It was a cold day, so casual was obviously winning. His surprise and I guess phobia too is rabbits - no rabbit fur for him then. His hat he bought in Paris but can't remember where from. Sweater is H&M, jeans are by Marc Jacobs, boots are Gucci, bag Balenciaga and the shades are Ray Ban. The amazing chunky bracelet is by Givenchy, his watch is a Swatch and his ring was custom made and is his name in Arabic.