From Fashionistable
Liisa Ennuste and Emmanuelle Alt

From Fashionistable
Dawn Green and Alena Dundas

From Fashionistable
Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo

From Fashionistable
Kathryn Topp and Yukee Chen

Two years of Fashionistable. I am amazed the time has passed so quickly. It was very difficult to select images for this post. The 1st 4 have had the most page views. Alexa and Olivia to represent the well known people I met from the world of fashion weeks. My final red select, Kathryn is the 1st person I met who recognised the blog name. And my only guy because a friend mentions this shot a lot.
This 2nd year brought a few achievements starting a few days in by being shortlisted for the Vogue blogger competition, making the Most Wanted and Say 100 lists and being featured in 2 editorials.
Going to London and Paris fashion weeks were a visual treat. Cumulating with bumping into Emmanuelle Alt on my last day in Paris with no-one else around. Looking forward to September as I will be covering London, Milan and Paris this time.
And last but most importantly A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all my wonderful followers (and those of you who just pop by) for supporting me. I really love and appreciate the encouragement you give me by being around and commenting. I feel really excited and happiness for the year ahead.
Love Dvora Xxxx

P.S. We have a long weekend here in the UK now so see you all on Tuesday. Have a great weekend.  Xxxx