From Fashionistable
It has been an amazing weekend for me one of my sisters and brother-in-laws were with me. It was my husbands birthday and as if that wasn't good enough the sun shone brightly on us and on the amazing vintage festival that happened on the Southbank in London this weekend. I met some wonderful people over the weekend and will spend this week bring you my shots from around the festival. Kicking of the week are Anne and Nick Robinson. They are from Ormskirk and the 1940's is their favourite era. Their love of vintage dressing grew from Anne's initial love of corsetry. Their beautiful suits were bought from a lady called Betty who runs The 1940's Room in Stafford, whom they had met at another vintage event. Nicks suit is an original 40's demob suit. The sole of his shoes still bore the original demob stamp. In their daily lives Anne is a Civil Servant and Nick works as a Military Consultant. Their surprises for me were that Anne keeps tarantulas’ and Nick has lived in the Arctic for a total of
9 months. This was spread over 3 years, first a 4 month and then a 5 month stint. The coldest temperature he has ever experienced was minus 73.