From Fashionistable
I spotted Ana as she disappeared around a corner in front of me. Luckily for a change I was in flats so could move quickly. It was her wonderful coat the the flash of red sole that caught my eyes and pulled me after her. Ana is originally from Brazil and is the Executive Director of her own company Showroom One London which represents accessory brands. For her own style she told me she lives in heels and usually dresses. When she wears trousers like today it is for comfort only. When I asked her to tell me something surprising she said 'I am 40, have been married 4 times, have 2 businesses and 2 grown up children in their 20's'. Yep that was quite a lot of surprises. Ana is wearing a coat from Jaeger, belted with a vintage belt she has had for 20years. Her shoes are of course Louboutin hence the red flash I spotted....her bag is Chanel, I forgot to ask about her trousers. She picked up her cool bangle from an accessory retailer in Poland St 2 weeks ago for a fiver.