From Fashionistable
I was heading into town to take pictures when I saw Chloe on my train. As we got off at the same stop I thought perfect great start to the day. Chloe is a Londoner. She has just graduated from Westminster and is working for Calumet at the moment. Chloe is also a photographer, you can see her work here. She told me 'I photograph anything and everything at the moment until I work out exactly what I want to do'. For her pictures she likes to shoot on film and says 'it's very expensive, but I like it'. I am purely digital now but I know there are quite a few of you out there who still have celluloid dreams. I just love the magic of digital. Isn't it great we all have a choice now. It was Chloe's red hair that caught my eye and all those lovely warm layers. Her style influence's are Edie Sedgwick and Alison Mosshart from the Kills. Today Chloe has put her look look together with a hat and bag from Accessorize, scarf from River Island, charity shop jumper,  Primark jacket, H&M jeans and boots borrowed from her housemate. When I asked Chloe for something surprising about herself she told me 'I am not as old as I look.' I didn't think she looked old at all but then she told me she was 19 and I could see what she meant. She also has a wise head on those young shoulders which also gives you a different perspective on her age.