From Fashionistable
Originally from Bournemouth Corin moved to London in 2006 for work. Her style is influenced mainly by what she see's on the street. She says 'I generally think that British girls dress better than anybody else in the western world and would rather have inspiration from style on the streets of London as opposed to looking at an American celebrity.' Saying that, on the celeb front she does like Jamie Wistone's style as she see her as a bit of a chamelion. This beautiful coat of hers was bought from an independent designer who has a stall on Portobello market. She couldn't remember the name of the designer though. Her trousers are from Reiss, her sweater is a hand me down from her grandma, shoes are Primark and headband is from Claires. She told me when she was little every time her mum went to take a picture of her she would pull a funny face. (I have a nephew like this.) She now wishes she had pictures of her young self just being herself. Surprisingly Max Clifford bought her lunch once.